We, Travelogue Communications Limited , distinguished Media organisation that promote tourism and allied events  in Nigeria and across the globe.

Since its establishment in 2008, Travelogue Communications Limited  has been striving for excellence in the travel and tourism media industry, offering only the best to its clients and partners, and aiming for distinction by continuously seeking innovative approaches to better the quality of service.

Travelogue Communications Ltd boasts a solid team of motivated, highly-skilled professionals backed by creative ideas from God.

Our clear sense of commitment to serve our valued clients in the best manner makes Travelogue Communications Ltd the leader in its field, successfully meeting the challenges of the new era in travel and tourism industry.
Our Vision

To be a professional media brand and to put Travelogue Communications Limited on the part of any competing tourism Communications outfit both local and international.
The company envisions tourism as a vibrant and preferred alternative to oil giving  the abundance and diversity of the resources and tourism products.
Our Mission

*To promote, develop and manage,create a leading tourism platform and co-ordinate and facilitate responsible and sustainable tourism in Nigeria to prop up a world class destination that attracts business visitors and all other tourists to the Nigerians to benefit our people and contribute to economic growth.
*To take the lead in the development of tourism in Nigeria through the planning of activities, encouraging development of supply, showcasing tourism events, publishing and organizing a series of actions at various levels.
*To develop and implement a world-class international tourism marketing strategy for the stakeholders. In pursuance of this,

We are guided by the following values…

Clients Satisfaction
Guiding Principles…
The following principles, which are based on the concept of “creative Tourism”etc.

We hope you will find this website a useful, comprehensive brief on our company and its various departments. On our part, we promise to offer a unique and excellent service that will continue exceed all expectations.