Nigeria Tourism Project to get underway.

Formal House of Representatives member,Mr Ned Nwoko disclosed last week in Abuja that no Country can survive without harnessing the potentials in the tourism sector.

Nwoko, who is the Chairman,Project Tourism, made this known at the formal unveiling and launch of the project organized by Linas International Limited in association with the Nigerian Tourism Development Corporation (NTDC)

He noted ,the initiative among other things, will showcase the tourism assets of Nigeria and run profitable projects that will highlight Nigeria’s hospitality culture as well as her rich cultural endowments.

“The project Tourism is also geared towards allowing tourists, exchange students and the like, get a first-hand experience of Nigeria’s tourism offering through taking up rural residences among Nigerian communities.”

According to him , It would encourage Nigerians to win vacations, trips, holidays, breakfasts, lunch and diners as a way of promoting destinations, local cuisines, culture and sports. In the process, Nigeria will expose her diverse cultural heritage to the world, building friendship across cultures, countries and continents.


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