CELEBRATORY: Travelogue wishes Madam Tourism a happy new year!!


Mrs Omotayo Omotosho (MFR)


By Godfrey Igboin


Tourism in Nigeria was dead in absolute-before eighteen years ago, in the year 2000 when Mrs. Omotayo Omotosho, MFR , who on the strength of her appointment as the Director- General, Nigerian Tourism Development Corporation (NTDC) lit up the industry that was in the dark with the advent of creating tourist attractions and having attractions reeking of abandonment brought to life and made tourism relationship with the media likened to that of twins. Before her appointment she has been on the purpose in pursuit of promoting Nigeria with a platform – Towards A Greater Nigeria (TAGNigeria).

The voice and face tourism has in Nigeria today is her making (owing to the foundation she laid as the Director- General, Nigerian Tourism Development Corporation, NTDC, in 2000 – 2004) through her valid efforts – so if you are wondering who is or why is she called Madam Tourism, just mentioned are a token of reasons from the wealth of evidence why Mrs. Omotayo Omotosho,( MFR) is ‘Madam Tourism’ who celebrated her birthday on Sunday, September 16, 2018 with friends and family at her place of residence.

Travelogue Communications Ltd, a tourism organization promoting the development of tourism in Nigeria, joins her in celebration of life – we celebrate this tourism icon, a pathfinder, sublime, quintessential, an Executive Producer of Towards a Greater Nigeria and CEO, Pacesetter Communications Ltd, Mrs. Omotayo Omotosho, (MFR) on her tourism birthday celebration. We wish her many more years of adventures in health, prosperity and life itself. God Bless your new age Madam Tourism!


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