Destination Tourism Night 2018: ARA to headline Music/Cultural segment


By Godfrey Igboin 

Is the drum integral to our culture? Assuredly. It varies from one particular area to the other, depicts and shows the type of a people’s cultural heritage and can also be used to make some sort of sound that reflects their dialect.

The significance of drum to our culture is vital in varietal ways that depicts our cultural differences.

Can tourism thrive without culture? Absolute, definite no. Culture drives and promotes tourism. Without it, tourism would be a terrible error.

Destination Tourism Night, a leading tourism event with no cultural activities would be an absolute, definite error  but the organizers Travelogue Communications Ltd ensured there was no such thing as that at the penultimate edition and there surely won’t be any at this year’s occasion given the evidence that the one with a magnificent mastery of the sophisticated instrument, Drum Goddess ARA who lit up the happening in 2017 with rhythmic sounds that brought a tremor of thrill to attendees, is set to headline the music/cultural segment at Destination Tourism Night (DTN) 2018.

Knowing that in the body of culture, drum is the heart and dance is the blood, Aralola Olamuyiwa, popularly known as ARA, the first female talking drummer in the world who is a revered cultural personage, has thrilled, wowed and dazzled Nigeria, Africa and beyond with enthralling sounds from the drum world for over two decades and the multi-billion dollar brand who is also known as the queen of drums, gave a rendition of cultural supremacy at the 2017 edition and attendees lauded the performance as the peak of the event.

Nigeria’s richness in culture, as evidenced by the country’s size of ethnic groups, is diverse.

From Benin ( the cradle of the nation’s culture)  Head terracotta, the ancient Ife Head sculpture, to the historical Igbo Ukwu civilization, the stone age Nok Culture and the Hausa-Fulani cultural heritage, it is evidently a given that Nigeria is very rich in cultural tourism and the Drum Goddess ARA, whose brand depicts tourism, is set to connect would-be attendees of DTN 2018 to the drum-world where rhythmic sounds of culture is abound.

We know that sight is controlled by the optical lobe and sound by the temporal lobe. Surely Destination Tourism Night is a lobe of the world’s biggest industry that can not only help Nigeria in it’s move to tourism but ensure sustainability.

Tourism is the blood of a nation. What blood is to humans is what tourism is to a country.


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