Travelogue Communications Ltd is Ten and Thankful


By Godfrey Igboin


Travelogue  Communications Ltd, one of the leading tourism development and promoting organization is celebrating a decade of operations  in Nigeria, Africa and beyond with the theme:”Ten and Thankful”.

Established in August 1, 2008, Travelogue Communications Ltd, started its travelogue journey with the publication of Travelogue Magazine through which  it promoted solely tourism related happenings quarterly and its first edition was titled The Hidden Treasures of Osun Osogbo Grove with regular tourist-driven contents like Interview with Susan Wenger (which was her last interview), Lord Luggard’s House?, The First and Only Nigerian Hotel in London, New Faces of Lagos, Museums:Gateway to Preservation, Research & Presentation, Travels et al.

After 8 years of showcasing tourism destinations in its entirety and more through  Travelogue Magazine, Ayo Omotoso, President, Travelogue Communications Ltd, upped the organization’s promotion of tourism by birthing a new brand called TravelogueTV  in November 7, 2015 which commenced by February 2016 and followed through with the creation of a website for the organization to further extend its purpose online.

It is ten years of promoting the biggest industry in the world, that is from the point view of turnover by this leading promoter of tourism in Nigeria, who is set to hold the second edition of its annual event called Destination Tourism Night (DTN)  which is a sister brand to TravelogueTV in September 15, 2018 at the Eko Hotel and Suites,  Victoria Island, Lagos and the Management of Travelogue Communications Ltd has written a note of appreciation to validate the celebration of a decade in this all-important-sector.

Read the note below.

Ten and Thankful

We are 10 in the business of travelogue Journey, soaring like eagles to destinations, spotlighting tourism landmarks through explorations and events. God has been the source and truly we are thankful at ten.


Travelogue Communications Ltd

Ayo Omotoso


Online publications from the first edition of Travelogue Magazine to its last edition will be published  from August 1, 2018 to celebrate this milestone in travel cum tourism journalism.



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