TCC RESORT OGERE:Prestigious value of professionalism…Centre of content to the beauty of hospitality


By Iloaze Blessed-Odidi
A place with no history is a place without identity and significance and here’s a brief history of Ogere where TCC Resort is situated and identified with.
Olipakala followed Obanta, his senior brother, from Ile Ife to Ijebu. Obanta used to send his junior brother, Olipakala , on errands to Egba land during which expeditions he acquired a great deal of experience and left his footprint at a village named Lipakala Village in Egba Owode territory, still in existence till today. Olipakala became somewhat insurbordinate to his senior brother who then asked him to move away from Ijebu to establish his own territory elsewhere. ‘’Rens`okere’’ was the historically significant statement from Obanta to his brother Olipakala. OKERE was the name of the settlement Olipakala later established following as brief stop over at llaporu near Awa in Ijebu; and his wife, Yemogun, first settled at Agbele which is contiguous with Idarika. The name Okere was later changed to Ogere by early patriarchs of Ogere Remo to be in consonance with their lineage to Lagere quarters in Iremo Quarters of Ile Ife (from whence ‘Remo’ came)  
OGUN STATE, OGERE REMO – Homed by a place whose existence came out from a historical tale — Training and Conference Centre Resort Ogere—a valid mention in the list of destination resorts, is where you will find the prestigious value of professionalism, enablement of personnel with the know-how of tackling their day-to-day respective career purposes, and evidently a centre of content to the beauty of hospitality.
Recognized for its positive impact to the community as a pillar for training, conference and seminar center for over 30 years, this magnificent resort is a place for unique relaxation.
Existing in the domain of TCC Resort Ogere is a calmness that serves and produces ground breaking ideas that drops in the minds of guests.
This resort further manifests it’s magnificent as a tutelage centre with highly equipped standard facilities on ground to aid effective information delivery such as :Projectors, Speakers, Teaching aids, meeting rooms, and an auditorium that has a capacity to seat 300.
Accommodations that stand out in different chalets ranging from Suites, twin\double rooms to single rooms totalled 200.
Other facilities to have guests engaged interestingly with TCC Ogere include: A Church (which could be used as Destination Wedding), Pool side, 2 tennis courts, 9 hole mini Golf course, Football pitch, Volleyball, Basketball, Table tennis bay, Gymnasium, Mini cinema, and a standard car park.
Editor’s noteThe history of Ogere is an excerpt from the Contemporary Issues between Ogere Remo and Iperu Remo, published in The Punch of Friday 16th October, 2009.


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