Park Inn by Radisson: A beauteous Hospitality of Class


By Godfrey Igboin


OGUN STATE, ABEOKUTA ─ we have been skirting destinations here in Nigeria. Reasons to this are many but one of them TravelogueTV believes is, they are not spotlighted to enable their being known and this fuels our ignorance, resulting to not knowing we have them aplenty let alone having an exploration. Startled with this realisation, TravelogueTV commenced a Media Exploration of destination hotels across the Country, in other to have them showcased.

Having looked in on Epe Resorts & SPAJubilee Chalets, TravelogueTV continued the exploration with a visit to Park Inn by Radisson and the luxury-haven hospitality, garnished with the beauteous living of tourism, is just a stone throw from the Cultural Centre,kuto in Abeokuta.
It’s natural environment where the trees blow in communication with each other, followed through with the space that strikes out infrastructural beauty and woos you into having a stay here, which is what you must set out to experience―owing to the great comfort and elegance that is impressively evident.

The guide for the exploration, Chief Engineer & Operations, Mr. Felix Elerunndu who was the Manager on duty led Travelogue to see the 173 guest rooms that speaks unique comfort and a 380 persons cinema that will have you entertained with a grand feeling of ease.

Knowing that food is integral to hospitality, varieties of them are displayed and accompanied with fresh fruity drinks that are aplenty at the RBG restaurant and bar where outstanding services is provided with dedication.

Nighttime experience is a means of validating Park Inn by Radisson―a hospitality of class, given that the street lights bring out the presence of ecotourism that further powers its splendid beauty.
Travelogue shares with you pictures of the exploration below…
Presenter,TravelogueTV, Iloaze Blessed-Odidi and  Mr. Felix Elerunndu



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