Jubilee Chalets: Valid Destination Hotel — Aura of Excellence — Phenomenal Hospitality


By Ayo Omotoso 
EPE TOWNLagos – Still on the first part of our exploration of the MP Hotels, we continued with Jubilee Chalets. By the time you get here, you wouldn’t believe you are still in Lagos let alone Nigeria — A very valid destination hotel that has an aura of excellence in its environs.
We were stupefied by the magnificent road network that gratified the beauty of the well-structured chalets.Space further validated the excellence here, as we walked to the chalets for check-in, I couldn’t help but wish for a walk of love because the environment spurs me to that and the rest of the crew seconded my wishing.
There are top-class destination hotels in Lagos unknown to many and Jubilee Chalets is largely among them. If you are hoping to have a once-unthinkable escape, evidently this is the place to be.
The ambience here is utter calmness. Incredibly a pleasant resort with phenomenal food and wine, situated near the waterfront in Epe Town – Jubilee Chalets is pretty much an ideal destination for any kind of trip.
We are still in revelry of our exploration because the resort is a wonder to be explored. Night in Jubilee Chalets would give you a perspective of the most natural beauty of any resort you have ever seen.
Here are some of Traveloguetv’s favourite looks of the resort.


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