Epe Resort and Spa: Feel the passion that lies in hospitality ― connect with nature


By Ayo Omotoso 

The taste of tourism is so verse that one cannot define it all in one million experiences but there is one aspect of taste that is integral to tourism and it is  hospitality ― knowing this and its impact to tourism, Epe Resorts & Spa EPS ensures you experience the peak of hospitality .   

TravelogueTV commenced its exploration of the MP Hotels with Epe Resort & Spa, in no time we where basking in the delights of hospitality like never before. The first thing that had us in captivation was the absolute calmness that exists chiefly and collaborates with the breeze that comes from the beautiful trees. Extremely comfortable rooms with an ambience that gives you the much-needed  feeling of relaxation and further interest your mind with the passion that lies in hospitality.
Picture-paintings beautify the walls which relates with the ambience that looms in the tourism-loving resort and flirts with your attention interestingly.
still basking in the peak of hospitality, the Sales and Marketing Manager , Abiola Dada took us to see the rooftop bar. “where you have a drink with nature”, he said.
Seeing the rooftop bar, TravelogueTV’s delectable presenter, Iloaze Blessed-Odidi, in amazement told Dada  that there are many things in life that makes words fail us in our quest to describe how we feel, not only love and I tell you that being here in this rooftop bar is most certainly one of them.
Iloaze Blessed-Odidi and Abiola Dada
“I feel so connected with nature” she said
At the rooftop bar, when you look up, directly above you is the sky, seeming so within reach and the breeze is blowing so refreshingly to make you further believe so. In front of you is a very beautiful sight of nature, more than the awe in awesome. So scenery, the experience of seeing it doesn’t leave you, it stays.
During TravelogueTV’s interview with Dada, he told Blessed-Odidi that Epe Resort & Spa is where tourism ends and that jumpstarted her curiousity a lot quicker than it should and having been to the rooftop bar she could not help but agree with him more.
Are you seeking/longing for that absolute quietness that brings about a calm needful to the state of mind? Epe Resort & Spa is closer than you think.
Traveloguetv brings you pictures from the resort of great class…



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