Calabar my Calabar:Your fame is heard abroad, your warmth is felt all round, says Ogar

 Andokie Ogar, a poetess of diverse perspectives, throws her writing prowess on a city that attracts different people from around the world to her yearly… Tourist-driven personalities look seriously forward to the culture, people and the beauty of Calabar every year.

In the following poem she highlights valid reasons that makes Calabar the pride of Nigeria . read below…

Rich in it’s culture
Transparent in it’s ways
Strong in it’s language
Beautiful in structure
Glamorous in terrace
Full of splendour
Celestial in attire
Calabar my Calabar
The Pride of Nigeria
Your fame is heard abroad, your warmth is felt all round.

You brought in Tourism, named it calabar carnival where you buttress your culture, display your beauty, introduce your dance, feed visitors with your rich cuisine: EkpangkukwoAfang soup, Idika– ikong
The aroma of your dishes fills the atmosphere.

Gradually the world got to know you
Calabar my calabar
The Pride of Nigeria
You bring tourists from all over the world to my Calabar
You attract men and women, boys and girls from all works of life
My calabar 
Your hospitality paid off well , you make your people rich, you make your state proud, you make your Treasury fat with proceeds from tourist.

my calabar you have become the pride of Nigeria through tourism.

Calabar my Calabar 
The pride of our Nation.


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