Language a tool to greatness

Hao Ge (Emmanuel Uwechue)


Language as a skill is ‘not’  noticed by many but it is a powerful tool to greatness and very few have used it to get to their heights of greatness destined by God. 

Those heavily in the know of the strength of language say it is well above a skill, given that it’s power is well above the use of skills and one true fact is that it is also a bridge of unity.

Every destiny has a tool, just as each man/woman with his/her destiny so is each destiny with its tool.

What is your tool to greatness? 

Your destiny is what you are to be in life and your tool is the work of your hand that God has sealed your palms with.

The big sad thing here is, we are so bothered with what we want to do in life paying absolutely no mind to what God who created us wants us to do in the life that he sent us to be in.

what is God’s purpose for us in life? have we asked ourselves that let alone bother ourselves with it?

To get to your destiny, you must know the work of your hands and this is achievable only by God’s revelation to the person concernedㅡenabled by a relationship with him… The tool which is the work of our hands is heavily important that only God can reveal it and that he does with whom he please.

Your enemy, friends and many others can see or know your destiny but never its tool. 

There are many tools to greatness but language is chief amongst them allㅡthe world’s unity brewed by a language made God see the power of that which was one (language) and he used it to have us divided and even more, created barriers with it and as I said in Nigerian Mandopop Singer Positions Nigeria positively :the minute you can speak another languageㅡyou have broken a barrier in your life and having done that, your knowledge of the language becomes a step and as we well know, steps are easy to take as long as we can see them right? The speaking and understanding of itㅡis your seeing while the language is the step.

Language and music goes so well that when put together it delights and moves one, especially when it is in your own or a language that you are very familiar with.
Below are people who have put language and music together, having used it as a tool to greatness…

Hao Ge (Emmanuel Uwechue )

Hon.Wang Yi, Minister of Foreign Affairs of the People’s Republic of China with Emmanuel Uwechue(Hao Ge)

Africa’s most talked about and recognized personality  in the world of music in Asia, best admired as Hao Ge, he is a Nigerian Mandopop singer in Beijing, China. Started his music in Nigeria and was the leader of Jazz In Various Expressions (J.I.V.E) but gained global recognition when he started singing in Chinese mandarin. Music is his destiny and (Chinese Mandarin) language his toolㅡhe is Africa’s biggest pop star in Asia.

This great personality of repute in diaspora, evidently has established a relationship between two great countries, having garnered approving influence with his music and tremendously ever-constant with positive positioning of Nigeria and Africa itself to the world

Olamide /Phyno (Olamide Adedeji/Chibuzor Nelson Azubuike)

Musically, this two great acts are Nigeria’s biggest contributing factor of unity with consistent featured songs that are heavy hitsㅡnon-stop cultural infused tunes.
With language being largely part of what signifies a culture, both artists from different tribes got into the music industry as indigenous rappers and today they are Nigerian musicians of international repute.

Mr Eazi (Oluwatosin Oluwole Ajibade)

Here’s Nigeria ‘s Ghana based musician who captured the world of Ghana-Naija music lovers with his songs created with Ghana bounces, highlife and Nigerian chord progressionand patterns, after mastering a tool of greatnessㅡTwi, Ghana’s foremost official local language.

Yemi Alade 

This stunning act capture the African audience, that is, broke into Francophone countries with versions of her hit songs in French and that did very much more than well for the singer who has evidently a beautiful body with great skin.

 Falz (Folarin Falana)

Follow through with Yemi by introducing the use of French in his song Titled La Fete. Having gained national recognition heavily and an appreciable international repute, the higly comedic character has realised he has no huge african audience and the use of a languageㅡfrench is the tool to achieving that.


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