ONE LAGOS FIESTA 2017 :Where the strength of Nigerian music was ‘evident ‘

One  great development in Nigeria’s impact in Africa is the Nigerian music, which in 2017 pushed Afro-pop into being a huge threat to pop music.

As the crowd basked in the joy brought by the Nigerian songs being played at the One Lagos Fiesta 2017 Agege December 30, I remembered vividly the first time I appreciated being a Nigerian… in another African state and this was caused by the strength of Nigerian music that was so evident. 

How they joyfully listened to the songs stunned and made me feel so proud to be a Nigerian but how evident the thrills from one song to the other was at Africa ‘s biggest end-of-the-year artistic eventーone lagos fiesta 2017 wasーis what you must experience to understand.

The crowd was massively huge and they were maximized by the thrilling power of the strength of Nigerian music that was so evident.
Mcbonus, the host, was indeed a thrill maximizer as he consistently energised the crowd, following through with the DJ as he played hit songs to the other.
Upcoming acts were given opportunities to showcase their talents and rising indigenous female rapper, Beambo Taylor made very good use of the opportunity as she joined in thrilling the crowd with her uncensored lyrical strength that earned her valid display of love from the  crowd.
Speaking with Godfreytimes Beambo expressed appreciation to the crowd for their immense show of love and thanked One Lagos Fiesta for the opportunity.
“The reaction of love from the crowd was enormously welcoming, I couldn’t be more happier right now “.
Tagged See, Feel and ExploreーOne Lagos Fiesta 2017 was held simultaneously in five different divisions of the economic capital of the West African sub-regionーLagos.
GT the Guitar man after his tremendously thrilling performance, told Godfreytimes that he’s largely part of those who have enjoyed the fun and recreation ‘One Lagos Fiesta’ brings and given that the event was held in five different venues, it gave him the privilege of seeing how touristy Lagos gets year after year.
“As you can see, Nigerian music is evident and we are feeling it and exploring Lagos at the same time… BIG shout to the governor “.

A lifetime – mention in the history of Nigerian musicーStella Monye, dazzled the crowd with her thrilling classic songs that took those in the know of her songs back to the days her thrilling vocal strength was chief in limelight.
Culled from Godfreytimes


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