Drum Goddess enraptures dignitaries with powerful rhythms of drum culture


When you are happy doing what you love doing then success is sure…evidently, success is sure for the drum goddess ARA, who is a gift to Nigeria and Africa. Overtime, her display of  passion for the sophisticated instrument is what she loves best and that brought out the best never seen in her performance at the exclusive night…which credits the fact that it is what you love best that brings the best out of you.

The Exclusive Screening of Osunfunke held on Monday had dignitaries of great repute enraptured by powerful rhythms of drum culture.

Fabled drum goddess ARA kicked up curiosity with a dramatic entry on stage by having a baby strapped on her back but fews minutes into her performance she stirred up very appreciable feelings of excitement from attendees as they find her song is dedicated to our children.

Given that it is an exclusive screening, the drum goddess rendered a performance of an exclusive thrill that had everyone enraptured in her passion for the African drums.

Never has energy been this evident in a delivery of art and projection of our culture.

The dancing, singing and of course drumming was energetically culture-driven.

Undoubtedly, she is the queen of drums cum drum goddess.

It’s a given that ARA gives a performance of  class but this was nothing like we have seen before as her performance was way beyond the upper echelons of gallant rendition.

Her energy had everyone attentive to her gigantic show of our culture with her passion for the sophisticated instrument which she used to delight attendees with powerful rhythms of drum culture.

Nollywood Star, Delectable Funmi Holder told Godfreytimes that the energy so evident in her performance was ‘extraordinary’.

She is a gift in the wrong hands…picture her in an environment where a gift like ARA is harnessed then you can’t imagine the outcome. she added

Stunning Odun Agoro who casted as the lead actor’s girlfriend in the movie Osunfunke, a role she played so approvingly well, in a brief chat with Godfreytimes said that the performance was ARA like we’ve never seen before.

She had everyone engaged in the world of drums with a gigantic rendition and it was way more than the awe in awesome.

Culled from Godfreytimes


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