Travelogue Communications Ltd, a foremost media organization promoting travels, culture and tourism development in Nigeria, in partnership with Association of Travel and Tourism Writers of Nigeria (ATTWON) has decided to raise the tourism bar of events with the new tourism m.i.c.e tagged Destination Tourism Night 2017. The DTN 2017

According to the CEO of Travelogue Communications Ltd, Mr. Ayo Omotoso, “every tourism destination has unique values, tourism potential; peculiar heritage and of course beautiful people therein” that is why Travelogue is billed to embark on a landmark effort to pioneer and organize Destination Tourism Night 2017.

The event is conceived as an annual digital expository where all tourism stakeholders, tourism icons, ambassadors, government agencies, tourism industry operators, professional associations etc, meet for the purpose of maximizing destination marketing, for optimum revenue generation especially now that governments globally are considering more ways of increasing their revenues.

The Destination Tourism Night is conceptualized as a Night of business exposition under a relaxed mood – a blend of “tourismtainment” and electronic expository event. It is strategically designed to showcase the rich cultural heritage and tourism potentials in all the six geo-political regions of Nigeria with a great opportunity to highlight the economic benefits of the eco-tourism potentials across the country. This creative platform will present to participants a unique occasion to savour the offerings of different tourism destinations around the world particularly in Nigeria. Omotoso also noted that “it is pleasant to know that some viable touristic states in Nigeria as well as other foreign destinations have endorsed this forth coming epoch making event with admiration to be part of it.”

The event will showcase the following among others: Destination Documentary, Music Tourism, Destination Icons, cultural diversity, Raffle Draw, and Destination Awards to the global village.

DTN is a platform to unveil the hidden potentials of tourist destinations in Nigeria and other inviting tourism destinations around the world at the prestigious Eko Hotels & Suites, Victoria Island, Lagos on a Friday, 22nd September, 2017.

This unique event is a live and electronic media highlight of the various exciting components of the tourism industry geared towards generating massive investors’ interest in a cozy and hospitable environment. It surely will connect destination values, people from different background, races, and culture. The more people meet and learn about what other people have to offer, the deeper our connections- social, cultural and economic- become!


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