The Attraction of Rolls-Royce: BY AYO OMOTOSO

There are cars and there are cars. There is a car that stands out among others. Though they all have almost same features, the attraction of Rolls-Royce brands from Phantom, Ghost, and Wraith are powerful and elegant. The class of ‘RR’ is special in many features. The brand is a product of perfection, with the interlinked ‘RR’ logo and the iconic Spirit of Ecstasy. The significance, to my soul mind points to the vision of the marriage between Rolls and Royce.

The duo, Charles Rolls and Henry Royce met for the first time on 4 May 1904 over lunch in the Midland Hotel, Manchester. The duo’s DNA shared a common vision. Today, Rolls-Royce is arguably the most attractive and royalty personified in automobile world.

Perfection is the hallmark of Rolls-Royce brand. Even the slightest imperfection has no place in a Rolls-Royce. That is why only A-grade bull leather, which has no unsightly scars or stretch marks, is used. Each hide is then inspected for flaws by one of the finest optical instruments available; the human eye. To ensure consistency of color, each hide comes from the same batch. Hides are then drum-dyed, rather than painted, so that the color permeates right through the leather. This process also imparts a natural suppleness to the leather and means it will neither crack with age nor squeak, which adds to the calm ambience of the car’s interior. In essence, the design principles have become part of the radiator grille, of a choice; I got attracted to Wraith brand. It is sporty, cute and elegant.

The 2015 Wraith model among others is the most technologically advanced Rolls-Royce ever created. It not only sees what I see, but anticipates what lies ahead. The attraction of Rolls-Royce is overwhelming, simply irresistible by its various features. On the wheel in motion, the cars’ RR monogram in the centre of the tyres stays upright always-The only car in the world with such unusual exploits. However, the venue adventure event took place at Banana Island, a luxury destination in Lagos. Glamour, prowess and attraction as I drove the 2015 Wraith model. The Satellite Aided Transmission uses GPS date and the navigation system to predict the road ahead. It then automatically chooses the right gear on the eight-speed transmission delivering power smoothly, without any unnecessary gear changes. So the driver can surge round every twist and accelerate out of every bend, effortlessly.



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