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Obudu my home of peace… Herdsmen no where to be found around, says Ando 


The trending talk of how the potentials of tourism is unending still reigns chief amongst the gists in the tourism industry and while that is on, Nigerians are encouraged by tourism-driven personalities to speak positively about tourism  potentials of the country and Nigeria’s rising poetess, Ando Ogar who is based in Abuja, heeds to this call by showcasing her hometown’s pride with her unlike anything else writing prowess. 

She writes about Obudu Ranch and it’s nicely endearing… Kindly read the poem below…

The place of many
The home of all
Where life meets
Welcoming serene
Nothing to worry 
Peace fills the atmosphere
Fresh air is breath
Environment clear
Water purer than seas
Food fresh from produce
Hail the land of Harmony
Where cars are driven on cables
Cattle’s grazed in ranches
No call for alarm
Herdsmen no where to be found around
The people dance for joy
As tourists fills the country side
With admiration
Welcoming songs sang they
With the flute of oneness
Air fills with laughter and warmth
The Ranch making all the difference
Obudu, my home of peace. 

Ando Uche Ogar, is a poetess cum advertising model.