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– Rare exhibition of Food, Fashion, Local beverage, Arts and craft, Cultural dance and Live Music

– Over 30,000 visitors/guests expected in 3 days Exhibition

Plans have been announced by organizers for the very first ever, All Nigerian Festival (ANF) scheduled for the Main Bowl of the Tafawa Balewa Square (TBS) in Lagos state.

The maiden edition of the All Nigerian Festival which is open to everyone will feature an exhibition of Nigerian food, fashion, Arts and Craft, local beverage from various parts of the country, traditional dance and live music amongst others.

“This festival seeks to promote the cultural heritage of Nigeria. We will be promoting the local cuisines, showcasing the official food of each state in Nigeria to the international world. We will also be showcasing our local liquor like the kunu, zobo, which will be officially packaged to promote it. In the fashion angle, we will be looking at the different fashion style peculiar to the different ethnic groups in Nigeria. For instance, there is a way the Bayelsan man dresses which is different from the dressing style of the Delta man. For the arts, we will be looking at arts, the craft, cultural dance, and there will also be music.”

Making the announcement at a World press briefing at the Oriental Hotels Lagos, curator of the first-of-its-kind event, Nigerian music Veteran, Kupa Victory, declared that the maiden edition of the All Nigerian Festival (ANF) is in partnership with the Lagos State Government, as the initiative is in tandem with the state government’s drive for promoting the state as a tourism hub.

In a statement, Mr. Kupa explained that the Festival is a three-day National event, slated for the 13th to the 15th of April 2018, designed to Showcase and promote “different tribes, Cultures and traditions of Nigeria”, through states participation across the country.

He was quoted as stating that “in tandem with diversifying Nigeria’s economy and continued dependence on oil crude as a source of revenue, it is time the Private Sector takes the bull by the horns, to take charge of the tourism sector. This urge in turn gave rise to the inspiration for us entrepreneurs to partner with the Federal Government (through the Federal Ministry of Information and Culture) to create a market place which will feature cuisines and culture of the West African country, culminating into a festive exhibition. He said, well of course guests and visitors are assured of guaranteed security from the Lagos State Police command and private Security provided for the fiesta. And then we expect subsequent host states will emulate the anticipated success of this edition. We plan to make the ANF an annual event.”

As the hub of entertainment in Nigeria, Lagos State government has thrown its weight behind the festival. According to the Permanent Secretary in the Lagos State Ministry of Tourism, Arts and Culture, Mr. Folarin Adeyemi “It is the desire of the Governor to always support individuals, groups and organizations that are interested in the arts and culture and by extension tourism activities in Lagos state. So supporting the organizers of the All Nigerian Festival is not a coincidence or mistake because we have done a lot in the past two years of our administration.”

While unveiling, he commended the initiative by reaffirming the support of the Lagos State Government towards the All Nigerian Festival which has been designed to showcase and promote the heritage and cultures of Nigeria through the participation of States across the Federation.

As Lagos State will host the maiden edition, the festival will be taken to other states in subsequent editions. Kupa however, confirmed that several states are already on board to participate in this year’s fiesta.

The All Nigerian Festival is being put together by a group of entrepreneurs who believe in supporting culture with their passion, these includes Lagos based Legendry fashion designer, Mr. Mo-Ami, a food nutritionist Miss Iyabo Lawani, an iconic art and craft curator, Mrs. Nike Okundaye of Nike Art Gallery, the DG of Nigerian Cultural troop dance, Dr. Arnold Udoka and Mr. Kupa Victory, a veteran Nigerian dance hall pioneer, instrumentalist and musician. Franchise owners of the All Nigerian Festival are Groove Tyme Entertainment, an event and promotions outfit.

Presidency, ATBONDI and Ara Entertainment to welcome the Martin Luther King family


The presidency, Hon Abike DabiriArewa, senior special assistant to the President of Nigeria on Foreign Affairs and Diaspora in partnership with Atlantic Bond Initiative (ATBONDI)  and Ara Entertainment to welcome the Martin Luther King Jr family to Nigeria.
The king family will be in Nigeria for the Black history month, a federal republic of Nigeria version of the world celebration of the American established black history month, as widely celebrated yearly.
First of its kind in an Africa, the historical event which  is initiated by Rotimi Vaughan, founder of Atlantic Bond Initiative (ATBONDI) in partnership with Aralola Olamuyiwa, President of Ara Entertainment, is presented by the Federal Government of Nigeria.
The event which is dedicated to and in honour of Martin Luther King Jr and in recognition of the 50th anniversary of the assassination of the fabled American Baptist is slated for March 26 – 28, 2018.
For sponsorship and participation, kindly call: 09060006795, 09060006796.

Calabar my Calabar:Your fame is heard abroad, your warmth is felt all round, says Ogar

 Andokie Ogar, a poetess of diverse perspectives, throws her writing prowess on a city that attracts different people from around the world to her yearly… Tourist-driven personalities look seriously forward to the culture, people and the beauty of Calabar every year.

In the following poem she highlights valid reasons that makes Calabar the pride of Nigeria . read below…

Rich in it’s culture
Transparent in it’s ways
Strong in it’s language
Beautiful in structure
Glamorous in terrace
Full of splendour
Celestial in attire
Calabar my Calabar
The Pride of Nigeria
Your fame is heard abroad, your warmth is felt all round.

You brought in Tourism, named it calabar carnival where you buttress your culture, display your beauty, introduce your dance, feed visitors with your rich cuisine: EkpangkukwoAfang soup, Idika– ikong
The aroma of your dishes fills the atmosphere.

Gradually the world got to know you
Calabar my calabar
The Pride of Nigeria
You bring tourists from all over the world to my Calabar
You attract men and women, boys and girls from all works of life
My calabar 
Your hospitality paid off well , you make your people rich, you make your state proud, you make your Treasury fat with proceeds from tourist.

my calabar you have become the pride of Nigeria through tourism.

Calabar my Calabar 
The pride of our Nation.

Travel Guide: Eight places you’d find great African cuisine in New York

Chances are that when you travel overseas, for business or for pleasure, your taste buds often crave flavours from home.
New York is a very popular tourist stop for Africans with iconic attractions like the Statue of Liberty, the Empire State Building, and Time Square.
If you happen to be in the Empire State, we have compiled a list of eight great African cuisines according to Yelp reviewers.
DF Nigerian Food Truck (Nigerian)
“I tried the suya (seasoned beef with onions), and my goodness, it was spiced to perfection – well-seasoned, and actually spicy!” – Toyin D.
“I ordered snails, Jollof rice which was exquisite and egusi was out of this world delicious.” – Victoria O.
828 2nd Ave
New York, NY 10017
b/t 44th St & 45th St 
Midtown East
Buka New York (Nigerian)
“I grew up in Nigeria, in Igbo land, and left as a teenager, and so I’ve only had Nigerian food 3 times in the last 25 years.” – Abeer H.
“The food is fantastic: I had the pounded-yam fufu with the goat main dish, egusi sauce, and palm wine and fresh (powerful) ginger juice.” – Nora J.
Clinton Hill
946 Fulton St
Brooklyn, NY 11238
The Green Place Nigerian Restaurant (Nigerian)
“I have to say, their jollof rice is one of the best I’ve tasted here in Brooklyn/NYC; it’s nice and spicy just like I like it.” – Nneka U.
“The only reason why I gave 4 stars is becuz the Egusi soup did nice passssss…” – Raisa V.
Bedford Stuyvesant
180 Rockaway Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11233
Accra Restaurant (Ghanaian) 
“The fried fish was juicy, with just enough saltiness– that taste balanced well with the subtler, still delicious flavour of the jollof rice.” – Evelyn K.
“We had fufu with palm nut soup, which was very good, yummy plantains and beans in a delicious spicy sauce.” – Ofer D.
2065 Adam Clayton Powell Jr Blvd
New York, NY 10027
Festac Grill (Nigerian)
“I ordered the goat pepper soup which seemed like something I would like considering my Jamaican background.” – Alecia H.
“I’d never had fufu. It’s like a fusion of mashed potatoes sticky rice and injera. Fabulous to mix with spicy meats and curry. Such a fan!” – Devin B.
East New York
263 Hendrix St
Brooklyn, NY 11207
Bunna Cafe (Ethiopian)
“The Feast For Two is out of this world and there was a live steel drum band playing while we ate.” – Stephen F.
“Wonderful food, great atmosphere. The coffee ceremony was beautiful and the smell filled every corner of the restaurant. I love bitter coffee, so I enjoyed it! However, my friend wasn’t too keen on how bitter it was (despite the added sugar).” – Anne C.
East Williamsburg, Bushwick
1084 Flushing Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11237
Lagos Spot (Nigerian)
“Very good variety for a Naija restaurant the food is awesome. Food is good. The decor is not top class but the food makes up for it.” – Ronke T.
“Great local spot food came out faster than expected I had jollof rice chicken and plantains with a side of suya. The entire was superb and more than enough I couldn’t finish it all.” – ThePr C.
266 Mulberry St
Newark, NJ 07102
Asaba Kitchen (Nigerian)
“This lovely local restaurant had the best Nigerian food I’ve ever eaten. I’ve never eaten Nigerian food before. But as a food connoisseur, I can assure you that your dining experience will be truly transcendental.” – Mario C.
“Precious is an amazing chef and a wonderful hostess. This is one of my first experiences with Nigerian food – Precious is very knowledgeable and incredibly passionate about her art. I would recommend this unforgettable, intimate experience to anyone.” – Meredith B.
Bedford Stuyvesant
662 Madison St
Brooklyn, NY 11221
Culled from Godfreytimes

Hao Ge appointed as Cultural Ambassador for Nigerians in Diaspora


By Sarah N. U and Godfrey Igboin 
Nigerian born mandopop sensation,  Emmanuel Uwechue, popularly known as Hao Ge has been officially made the Cultural Ambassador for Nigerians in Diaspora. 
The Ceremony which held at the state house in Abuja was headed by the Senior Special Adviser (SSA) to the President on Foreign Affairs and Diaspora, Hon. Abike Dabiri-Arewa.
Hao Ge who was accompanied by Chinese investors expressed his gratitude over his new office.
Speaking with reporters at the state house, Hon. Abike Dabiri-Arewa said she was proud of his positive representation of Nigeria as most reports from Asia portrayed Nigeria negatively.
Emmanuel Uwechue who gained fame in China after his performance at the cctv new gala in 2007 has since been the number one black recording artist in China.
This evidently is an appointment well made and needful for its purpose and the dynamic cum vibrant positive portrayal of Nigeria is highly a worthy candidate for this appointment – given the fact that his tremendous representation of our great country did not only reflect in Asia and settled there but vested into the diaspora.
This would affect Nigerians positively not just culturally but politically as well because Hao Ge has built a relationship with his music between Nigeria and China needful to the effectiveness of this appointment and thankfully it has grown beyond the spheres of music and into the political terrains, a relationship with politicians of great repute in China then Asia and it’s weight has gained an acknowledgement from politicians likened to great repute in the diaspora and this would most certainly be helpful to the Ambassador ‘s responsiveness to the responsibilities of Nigerians in diaspora and further affect those in business positively owing to the fact that politics and business have a bilateral relationship.

Shopper’s Paradise: South Africa’s Top Shopping Experiences


Displaying Malls In SouthAfrica.png

South Africa has become one of the most visited destination’s in Africa with millions of visitors per year. There is simply no way to tour South Africa and not be awestruck by its scenic beauty, epic history and culinary assorted variety.

The country is filled with endless possibilities, exotic sites and wondrous establishments; both natural and man-made. There are numerous fun activities – beaches, theme parks, museums and of course they have some of the best malls to boast about.
Malls in South Africa are usually extremely large, they contain a variety of stores, restaurants and other business establishments which provides the best shopping experience, perfect environment for social gatherings, great performances and promotions.
From city to city, you will not be left disappointed as there are awesome places in the malls to chill, relax and hang out with your spouse, eat, shop: the sky is the limit. It’s a whole new world of shopping!  Surround yourself with an atmosphere of beauty and wonder as you explore the best malls in South Africa with us.
Displaying Sandton City Shopping Mall.jpg
Take a Diamond walk – Sandton City Mall Johannesburg.

Would you like to take a walk on the most treasured paths in one of Africa’s most cherished and most renowned strip malls; Sandton city? A sparkly walk would not hurt, be the “well-heeled” couple parading the  newly tiled corridor of Sandton City as you get to see some of the world’s most exclusive fashion brands.

Sandton City is situated in Sandton, Johannesburg, South Africa. It invites more than 400 global and neighborhood design brands. The atmosphere at Sandton City is cosmopolitan and sophisticated. You will locate the absolute best of South Africa as it brings to the table –  its extensive variety of shops and showrooms, exemplary, contemporary things running from engineering and eating to retail outlets and originators.
This mall is home to many restaurants, including some of the top dining establishments in the city. Do not miss the latest and hottest dining and drinking spots in Johannesburg on the Sandton Sun’s sixth floor, which includes a cheese room, interactive kitchen, wine bar and drinking deck with a view over the city. Access is through the hotel or shopping centre.
Just a stone’s throw away from the mall there is also the Liberty Life Theatre on Nelson Mandela Square, which is is a 200-seater theatre that produces and shows an array of outstanding productions, library,  restaurants, bars and cinemas. Without a shadow of a doubt,  couples would prefer not to pass up a major opportunity as this.
Trading hours at usually from Mondays to Saturdays (Time: 09:00 – 20:00) and Sundays & Public Holidays (Time: 09h00 – 18h00).

Displaying Nelson Mandela square.jpg
See Madiba – Nelson Mandela Square Sandton, Johannesburg

Create beautiful memories at elegant picture zones and have fun while you shop at Nelson Mandela Square, named after one of the world’s most famous legend’s Nelson Mandela. This spot is a popular tourist destination as well as a shopping haven. The Square has stood out as truly newsworthy, and it is great for photos. It has walkway bistros, fine feasting and over 93 selective shops.

Another stunning element to keep an eye out for is the tremendous bronze statue of Nelson Mandela. It is believed that this stature watches over all, especially couples in love. The six-meter bronze statue was etched by Kobus Hattingh and Jacob Maponyane and weighs more than 2.5 tons measuring 2.3 meters from elbow to elbow. The shoulders of the statue are 1.7 meters in width and the shoes are 1-meter long.

For a shopping delight, add some fine dining to your experience with any of the world class eateries or you can make the day out interactive by adding, an excursion to Nelson Mandela Square where you will learn more about the legend, this is a flat out must. This is “home-from-home” environment for the couples, business travelers or for families.

Trading hours at Nelson Mandela Square are usually from Mondays to Saturdays (Time: 09:00 – 20:00) and Sundays & Public Holidays (Time: 09h00 – 18h00).

Displaying The Mall of Africa.jpg
Explore a naturistic stylish theme – The Mall of Africa – Gauteng Johannesburg

As you take an observant walk through the Mall of Africa, you get to feel the natural rays of light and watch the beautiful sky right there in the mall as you shop indoors. This mall is tailored to fit your convenience with a stylistic theme that enhances the shopping experience.

The Mall of Africa, located in Gauteng, Johannesburg, is an ideal shopping center for love birds. The mall design was inspired by Africa’s geological features, as evident by its courts.

The Crystal Court is located in the Northern Section of the mall, representing Southern Africa’s mineral wealth with sharp geometric patterns.

The Great Lakes Court is located the Eastern Section of the mall, representing the Great Lakes mostly of East Africa and has calm and gentle materials.

The Desert Court is located in the Southern Section of the mall, representing the Sahara Desert of North Africa and has calm motifs used in traditional Berber carpets.

The Oleum Court is located in the Western Section of the mall, representing West Africa’s Oil wealth. The Forest Walk Court is in the center of the shopping mall, representing Central Africa and its rain forests. There is something to suit every taste even architecture wise. It is situated in Waterfall City, Midrand, Gauteng.

The aggregate retail region is 131 000 square meters, and a gross range of 550 000 square meters. This vast space can accommodate 65,000 cars specifically designed to accommodate, provide space, freedom as well as wonderful scenery for couples.

The mall has over 300 stores, a whopping 40 elevators and its stylistic theme takes its motivation from the backwoods, extraordinary lakes, and the oil, exchange, sand and mineral riches.

Displaying Menyln Park Pretoria.jpg
Variety is the spice of life – Menyln park – Pretoria

The second largest mall in Africa, located in Tshwane Capital of SA (formerly known as Pretoria). The special thing about Menlyn is that it caters to newlyweds beautifully. There is an abundant of wedding venues in Menlyn, and of course what goes well with romance, weddings and all that great stuff? Shopping!!

Indulge yourself in extreme mold, excellence and solace in the core of South Africa as you take a chilled tour around Menlyn Park, it is a shopping and entertainment centre combined! The architects went all out on this one! They created a tensile shade structures for the grandstands of the multi-purpose arena, which is home to athletic competition, concerts, fashion shows and more.

The amusement does not stop there, you also get to be involved in the history of South Africa by visiting its first event boutique called, Gift Shack and finally for the love of chocolate, don’t forget to stop by the Lindt Chocolate Boutique before heading home! If you’re feeling generous enough, bring treats back home for loved ones.

Trading hours at usually from Mondays to Saturdays (Time: 09:00 – 20:00) and Sundays & Public Holidays (Time: 09h00 – 18h00).

Displaying Gateway Umhlanga.jpg
Pocket friendly market – Gateway Mall – Durban

Gateway also known as the Theater of Shopping is viewed as the biggest mall in the Southern Hemisphere located on Umhlanga Ridge in Umhlanga, north of Durban, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa. Direct Distance from Gateway to Johannesburg, Gauteng is six hundred kilometers which will take you on a scenic six-hour drive or 1 hour by flight. The shopping center has been in existence since 2001. There are an extensive variety of about 400 shops, including universally known brands at costs for all pockets.

This mall has retail chains, silver screens, a theater, and of course general stores for you every day needs.

It is activity filled too! Gateway additionally contains the world’s highest climbing wall, go-kart track, arcade and rides. What’s more? The shops are affordably priced, trading hours are usually from Monday – Thursday (Time: 9:00 – 19:00), Friday – Saturday (Time: 9:00 – 21:00), Sunday (Time: 9:00 – 18:00).

Displaying Canal Walk Capetown.jpeg
Redefine your shopping lifestyle – Canal Walk – Cape Town.

Did you know that walking is one of the nicest ways to explore beautiful canals and rivers?  The shopping complex merges the world’s most desirable brands with shopping convenience, all in a majestic setting. Canal walk has worked hard to ensure an open and accessible walk without stress, when we say it is the most delightful sights, don’t take our word. Find out for yourself!
The unfolding scenery of a canal-side stroll also takes some beating, where you could you find a mix of wildlife, architecture, brands and the countryside view of course.

This mall is situated in Cape Town, South Africa, very easy and convenient to access. It furnishes you with the most pleasant shopping experience, 400 individual shops including eateries, coffee houses, apparel, foodstuffs and devices.

Additionally, it furnishes an excellent framework with amazing offers and deals, and the best brands all under one rooftop. This is a very comfortable and luxurious shopping experience, with amazing treats offered on each level and a stretched-out shopping hours of 9am to 9pm

Displaying The Victoria and Alfred Waterfront, Cape Town, South Africa.jpg
Feel the shore – Victoria and Alfred Waterfront – Cape Town

Set off on a one of a kind trip visit by taking a tour to the Victoria and Alfred Waterfront in the core of Cape Town. Situated at the foot of Table Mountain, within a stone’s throw from the Cape Town Stadium and in the heart of Cape Town’s working harbour, the V&A Waterfront offers the visitor an abundance of unforgettable experiences.

What is so fantastic about V&A waterfront is the blend of indoor shopping and entertainment venues that merge so seamlessly.

This zone is one of the significant locales for visitors’ attractions, shopping, eateries, boat trips and aquarium. At night, the entire complex comes alive! It offers by a long shot the greatest, most changed choice of locally created mold, adornments, materials, toys, homeware, and so forth. Yet, don’t stop there, there’s a great deal more to be found in the city.

Spend over 10 hours with your spouse as this stop is usually opened from 9am – 9pm on a daily basis and the watershed is also opened from 10am-7pm. All Shopped out and need some grub? There is more than 80 restaurants so there are choices to suit every palette, from local fresh sea food to international fusion!

Language a tool to greatness

Hao Ge (Emmanuel Uwechue)


Language as a skill is ‘not’  noticed by many but it is a powerful tool to greatness and very few have used it to get to their heights of greatness destined by God. 

Those heavily in the know of the strength of language say it is well above a skill, given that it’s power is well above the use of skills and one true fact is that it is also a bridge of unity.

Every destiny has a tool, just as each man/woman with his/her destiny so is each destiny with its tool.

What is your tool to greatness? 

Your destiny is what you are to be in life and your tool is the work of your hand that God has sealed your palms with.

The big sad thing here is, we are so bothered with what we want to do in life paying absolutely no mind to what God who created us wants us to do in the life that he sent us to be in.

what is God’s purpose for us in life? have we asked ourselves that let alone bother ourselves with it?

To get to your destiny, you must know the work of your hands and this is achievable only by God’s revelation to the person concernedㅡenabled by a relationship with him… The tool which is the work of our hands is heavily important that only God can reveal it and that he does with whom he please.

Your enemy, friends and many others can see or know your destiny but never its tool. 

There are many tools to greatness but language is chief amongst them allㅡthe world’s unity brewed by a language made God see the power of that which was one (language) and he used it to have us divided and even more, created barriers with it and as I said in Nigerian Mandopop Singer Positions Nigeria positively :the minute you can speak another languageㅡyou have broken a barrier in your life and having done that, your knowledge of the language becomes a step and as we well know, steps are easy to take as long as we can see them right? The speaking and understanding of itㅡis your seeing while the language is the step.

Language and music goes so well that when put together it delights and moves one, especially when it is in your own or a language that you are very familiar with.
Below are people who have put language and music together, having used it as a tool to greatness…

Hao Ge (Emmanuel Uwechue )

Hon.Wang Yi, Minister of Foreign Affairs of the People’s Republic of China with Emmanuel Uwechue(Hao Ge)

Africa’s most talked about and recognized personality  in the world of music in Asia, best admired as Hao Ge, he is a Nigerian Mandopop singer in Beijing, China. Started his music in Nigeria and was the leader of Jazz In Various Expressions (J.I.V.E) but gained global recognition when he started singing in Chinese mandarin. Music is his destiny and (Chinese Mandarin) language his toolㅡhe is Africa’s biggest pop star in Asia.

This great personality of repute in diaspora, evidently has established a relationship between two great countries, having garnered approving influence with his music and tremendously ever-constant with positive positioning of Nigeria and Africa itself to the world

Olamide /Phyno (Olamide Adedeji/Chibuzor Nelson Azubuike)

Musically, this two great acts are Nigeria’s biggest contributing factor of unity with consistent featured songs that are heavy hitsㅡnon-stop cultural infused tunes.
With language being largely part of what signifies a culture, both artists from different tribes got into the music industry as indigenous rappers and today they are Nigerian musicians of international repute.

Mr Eazi (Oluwatosin Oluwole Ajibade)

Here’s Nigeria ‘s Ghana based musician who captured the world of Ghana-Naija music lovers with his songs created with Ghana bounces, highlife and Nigerian chord progressionand patterns, after mastering a tool of greatnessㅡTwi, Ghana’s foremost official local language.

Yemi Alade 

This stunning act capture the African audience, that is, broke into Francophone countries with versions of her hit songs in French and that did very much more than well for the singer who has evidently a beautiful body with great skin.

 Falz (Folarin Falana)

Follow through with Yemi by introducing the use of French in his song Titled La Fete. Having gained national recognition heavily and an appreciable international repute, the higly comedic character has realised he has no huge african audience and the use of a languageㅡfrench is the tool to achieving that.

PHOTOS :Making of the movie ‘Kutelu Obinrin Oge’

 Kutelu Obinrin Oge is a trado-modern cum cultural history movie.
The movie which was shot in Ibadan, Oyo state  narrates the story of a very beautiful and influential vain woman who taught she was too beautiful to die―it is themed BEAUTY BEYOND DEATH.
Plus, it teaches so much morals, especially people who think they have it all, forgetting the fact that nothing surpasses death.
Through it all, everything is vanity upon vanity.
A story ready to teach old and young people so much lessons of life.
Godfreytimes gathered that the movie has a parade of superstars and legends―Jimoh Aliu (Aworo) Orishabunmi, Ayo Adesanya, Moji Afolayan, Musiliu Dasofunjo, Joke Muyiwa, Skerry Bakare, Taiwo Okunlola, and featuring Erelu Asa of Nigeria, Erelu Funmi Rotiba.

The tradition cum culture loaded movie was written and produced by Babatunde Akorede, best known and loved as Omo Baba Oba.

Here are pictures from the making of the movie

Culled from Godfreytimes

UPDATED: Drum goddess christened one lagos fiesta 2017


Drum goddess─ARA christened Africa’s biggest end-of-the-year artistic eventㅡOne Lagos Fiesta 2017 with her first performance at the bar beach victoria island lagos.
The huge crowd gathered was heavily thrilled by the strength of nigerian music and the queen of drumsㅡARA of international repute, as mcbonus who compered the event rightly said,added to the thrilling feel that was evident and they got stunned with her drumming prowess.
After stirring up the mood of the crowd with the knowing of the presence of the drum goddess, mcbonusーa thrill maximizer, brewed up their curiosity with an informative announcement of the drum goddess to the stage…ARA followed through with the announcement by dazzling the crowd with her vocal range, sang about her being a wonder that comes like a thunder and you surely would not doubt or question that.
Stunningly lost in the thrills of her vocal range ARA increased the tempo of the thrills with her drumming prowess and had the the crowd maximized with thrilling power.
Evidently an event that made every one see, and enjoy the strength of nigerian music and the drum goddess added to the thrills with culture-feel sounds from the drum culture.
The queen of drums as she’s also known was chiefly active in 2017 with gallant renditions of performance, the premiere of her movie ‘Osunfunke’ーexclusive screening of it for diplomatic communities, dignitaries and corporate Nigeria and the release of her album and Ep for online distribution by Africori Music Group (The preferred digital partner of African Music) rounded off her year of thrilling-spree with another performance in One Lagos Fiesta 2017 Agege and with the fabled queen at the venue was evergreen-in-beauty Gift Iyuwame Eke best known as Mumagee and afrocentric musician cum samba queenーStella Monye, a lifetime-mention in the history of Nigerian music.
Culled from Godfreytimes

Drum goddess christened one lagos fiesta 2017

Drum goddess─ARA christened Africa’s biggest end-of-the-year artistic eventㅡOne Lagos Fiesta 2017 with her first performance at the bar beach victoria island lagos.

The huge crowd gathered was heavily thrilled by the strength of nigerian music and the queen of drumsㅡARA of international repute, as mcbonus who compered the event rightly said,added to the thrilling feel that was evident and they got stunned with her drumming prowess.

More to follow…

Culled from Godfreytimes