You are the superstar of the superstars, You have done what bob marley & co have done, Today he is my father…Agata Amata, KSB, Showkey, Ekpeyong-Bassey, eulogise Kimono @60

You are the superstar of the superstars, You have done what bob marley & co have done, Today he is my father…Agata Amata, KSB, Showkey, Ekpeyong-Bassey, eulogise Kimono @60

  By Godfrey Igboin Lovers of this genre and few fans of the father of Reggae music, Fabled Ras Kimono, came out to dance, wine and jolly with the icon of great More »

SPOTLIGHT: Ogbunike Cave, Museum of National Unity, Ezeagu Waterfalls, National War Museum… Tourism jewel of South-East Nigeria

SPOTLIGHT: Ogbunike Cave, Museum of National Unity, Ezeagu Waterfalls, National War Museum… Tourism jewel of South-East Nigeria

  Journalists and tour operators with Dr Osuji of Marathana Hotel Owerri By Godfrey Igboin As we clamour for the harnessing of  tourism potentials that are sitting untapped, there’s great need to More »


You are the superstar of the superstars, You have done what bob marley & co have done, Today he is my father…Agata Amata, KSB, Showkey, Ekpeyong-Bassey, eulogise Kimono @60


By Godfrey Igboin
Lovers of this genre and few fans of the father of Reggae music, Fabled Ras Kimono, came out to dance, wine and jolly with the icon of great virtues who is chief in the mention of those who stirred up originality in the history of Nigerian music. He was given an epic celebration on Wednesday 9th of May, 2018 at the Times Square event centre with tributes from Agata Amata, Kenny Saint Brown, Daddy Showkey, Keppy Ekpeyong-Bassey and many others
This celebration of life brought together renowned individuals from  the spheres of Entertainment and media world.
Some notable faces at the celebration include Media Entrepreneur,Agata Amata; Kennis Music First Lady, Kenny Saint Brown; Oritz Williki; Sir Shina Peters; Bisi Olatilo; Eddy Montana; Daddy Showkey; Alariwo; among others.
Other personalities at the party righteous priest, Dede Mabiaku, Kunle Ogunbawo, Comedian Koffi, Mumagee, Tony Okoroji, Funso Adeolu and Keppy Ekpeyong-Bassey.
In a separate tribute, Nigerian media entrepreneur Agata Amata, First Lady Kenny Saint Brown of Kennis Music, Daddy Showkey and Keppy Ekpeyong-Bassey eulogised the fabled Ras Kimono.
“you have done what Bob Marley & Co have done…you were an enigma, you actually changed the music scene” , We say thank you for the legacy you have left…you didn’t just sing you actually had a message…we say well done.” said Agata Amata who found out that day via a group that day she is related to Ras Kimono.
Kenny Saint Brown expressed her tribute for king Kimono saying “while we were growing up, there was a superstar of the superstars and Ras Kimono was the superstar of the superstars…he took his his artistry with the speed of excellence”.
For Mr.Showkey it was a momentous remembrance as he disclosed his first encounter with  Ras Kimono.
“he gave me the platform that made me the showkey that I am today”, he said.  “he is my father, I carry dreadlocks because I want to be like him”.
“a great man who has given Nigeria a lot to celebrate and has been in my life a mentor of some sort”, said Ekpeyong-Bassey.
See pictures below…
Photo credit: King Solomon Ekhaiyeme


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SPOTLIGHT: Ogbunike Cave, Museum of National Unity, Ezeagu Waterfalls, National War Museum… Tourism jewel of South-East Nigeria


Journalists and tour operators with Dr Osuji of Marathana Hotel Owerri

By Godfrey Igboin

As we clamour for the harnessing of  tourism potentials that are sitting untapped, there’s great need to have these  potentials spotlighted in other to have them be in the know of virtually as many as possible. Recognising this thought, dynamic tourism-enthusiast, LoLo Ngozi Ngoka,Vice-President ,Federation of Tourism Association of Nigeria (FTAN) invited journalists and tour operators from Lagos to explore the tourism jewel of the south-east of Nigeria and they were more than marveled by the existence of tourists attractions, and the experience of how hospitable and safe the south-east is, TravelogueTv can report.
The south east has so many tourist sites that makes the region o treasure trove─owing to the existence of the Ogbunike cave which is a century tourist site and a natural wonder for money spinner, the  Museum of National Unity in Enugu where you see the Igbo lifestyle in history, It is amazing!  and Ezeagu waterfalls ㅡ clean crystal natural water blended with green vegetation. All these makes the east a treasure trove.
It took no time to find the south-east a tourism-friendly destination, Safe and full of life. Night adventure at Owerri which is the melting port to all the southern east is a wonder of awesomeness.
All through the tour from Enugu, to Owerri, then to Anambra, finally to Abia State without security patrol with us, it tells you that South East is safe and open for tourism investors.The Igbo people are friendly and hospitable.
Dr Osuji,Chairman Marathana Hotel told TravelogueTv that of all the languages, warri dialet is the most romantic and poetic dialet .

It was the first of Ngoka’s activation as the vice president south-east FTAN and she’s absolutely with traditional rulers as well as notable people’s great deal of support. It was a welcoming development, knowing that the only way to promote their destination is when they tap into the tourism potentials in each community for sustainable growth, thereby generating more revenue and create more jobs for their people.

Vice President Federation of Tourism Association of Nigeria LoLo Ngozi Ngoka and Omolola Itayemi President Association of Travel & Tourism Writers of Nigeria
TravelogueTv gathered that Owerri has the highest number of hotels in the entire south-east, totalled over 200 hotels,  on every street of Owerri you will gladly find a hotel to say the least ㅡit is the home of hospitality industry in Nigeria.
Exploring the highlights of south-east, brought to mind the feeling of wanting the whole world to visit south-east nigeria and see the famous Ogbunike Century Cave ㅡThis historical cave is full of stories waiting for others to experience. If  you want to inscribe your name on the sound of time, all you need do is, explore the Ogbunike Cave.
Before now, many people in Nigeria do not know that Abia remains the safest state in the south east. The Honourable Commissioner for Information confirmed this to a group of Journalists during the fam-trip visit to south-east Nigeria. Hon. John Okiyi Kanu, Commissioner for Information who also was the first tour guide said that the Aruchukwu*** Long Juju which lies with mirror is still untapped. The National war museum which is a national monument was also explored. It is rich, educative, full of history for those who want to know how the Biafra and Nigeria war started.
This Exploration brought journalists and tour operators to the know of how blessed the south-east is,  with so many historical stories, but only waiting to be tapped to generate great deal of money for both locals and the government at large.
Evidently From Enugu, Imo, Anambra, and Abia…The south-east Nigeria offers a treasure trove of discovery, if tapped would yield a great deal of development to the region and its people.

PHOTOHIGHLIGHTS: South Africa, Ghana, Cote d’Ivoire, Zimbabwe, Congo Brazzaville…Amosun, Onanuga, Ladipo, Osemwegie-Ero, Mrs Mbanefo, Kelani, ….participants at African Drums Festival


(L)Governore Ibikunle Amosun and Deputy Yetunde Onanuga(R)


By Godfrey Igboin

The African Drums Festival 2018 was of great moment owing to the culture cum tourism-loving dignitaries and participants from across the country and Africa that attended the event.
It was a marvelous experience from the beating of the drum by the Ogun State Governor, Ibikunle Amosun to commence the happening and till the closing performance that ended the 2018 episode.
Times of momentous thrills was aplenty.
See them below in pictures…
(L)Governore Ibikunle Amosun and Deputy Yetunde Onanuga(R)
performers from Abuja performing on the drum stage
Iloaze-Blessed-Odidi dancing to Katsina State rhythms
Katsina State History and Culture (Bureau State Cultural Troupe)

Iloaze Blessed-Odid andEdo State Comissioner for Arts, Culture, Tourism and Diaspora Affairs Osaze Osemwegie-Ero

Commissioner for Culture and Tourism, Ogun State Rt.Hon. Muyiwa Ladipo speaking with Iloaze Blessed-Odidi

Arts enthusiast – Mrs Mbanefo and Blessed-Odidi dancing to the rhythms
Zimbabwean Representative
South African Representative
Iloaze Blessed-Odidi speaking with Camerounian
Travelogue crew with N’tsamina Troupe (Congo Brazzaville)

VIDEO:Tourism is the new direction ―’This is good…this is great’, Says Osemwegie-Ero

By Godfrey Igboin

The Commissioner for Arts, Culture, Tourism and Diaspora Affairs, Osaze Osemwegie-Ero has said that tourism is the new direction for the nigerian economy and descrided the African Drum Festival as good and great .

Speaking with TravelogueTV’s presenter, Iloaze Blessed-Odidi in an interview at the ADF 2018, the commissioner lauded his friend Rt .Hon.Muyiwa Ladipo, Commissioner for Culture and Tourism, Ogun State for a fantastic event that gathered cultured cum tourist loving dignitaries which further strengthened the magnitude of this year’s edition. The Commissioner stressed further the call for a needful paradigm shift from the recent main source of economy which is the crude oil  to the new direction and that is  tourism.

Osemwegie-Ero who is very enlightenment as regards the culture and tourist potentials and benefits of edo state,  briefly spoke on some historical happennings and added that the state is richly blessed with a lot of culture and heritage sites.

“In 2020,  less than three years from now major countries in the world will not be using  petrol cars and that is going to further affect our dependence on crude oil which is the main source of nigerian economy so we need to start looking at a new direction, which is culture and tourism”, He said.

Watch the video below…

AFRICAN DRUMS FESTIVAL 2018: Rhythmic sounds from drums ㅡ Africans in one dance ㅡ Individuals aplenty


By Godfrey Igboin and Iloaze Blessed-Odidi

ABEOKUTA ㅡ  When Governor Amosun beat the drum to commence the third edition of the African Drums Festivals 2018, performers from across Nigeria and Africa went agog and attendees were not left out in the excitement as they watched the performers dance exuberantly to the rhythms coming from different drums as Africans danced in oneness on the drum stage of magnificent look.


The three-day event held at the Cultural Centre, brought together individuals aplenty – Adedotun Gbadebo, Alake of Egba land; Lamidi Adeyemi III, The Alaafin of Oyo; Adeyeye Ogunwusi, Ooni of Ife; The Etubom Ekpo, Obong of Calabar; Lai Mohammed, minister of Information and Culture; Wole Soyinka,Nobel Laureate and many others.

ooni of ife
Oba Lamidi Olayiwola Adeyemi III, Alaafin

African Drum Festival |

It was a marvelous evening and it carried on that way with performers from across Nigeria having attendees dazzled with renditions of various procession to better thrill everyone.
Day-two was all about sounds of magnificent thrills by performers from countries across the continent and this brought back the previous day of  captivating scenery of Africans in one dance on the drum-stage and stirred up thoughts of Africans having varieties of rhythms just as we have resources but we rarely identify with them and that diminishes the uniqueness of our heritage, according to one participant of the festival.

TravelogueTV  gathered that business also thrived at the African Drums Festival 2018 and this was made known by  Bolanle Akindele of Stitches by IMAK.  Mrs. Akindele a creative personality with a wealth of style that makes her works exceptionally amazing,  does more of unique stitching and attends to people’s needs said that sales has been booming.

Bolanle Akindele speaking with Iloaze Blessed-Odidi
Kemi Akinola of Arewa TM also disclosed to traveloguetv that the patronage has been very encouraging owing to awesome sales made so far at the ADF 2018 ㅡ  evidently, this seconds the perspective of tourism as a serious business.
Kemi Akinola and Iloaze Blessed-Odidi

Commissioner for indigenous Art Works, Culture and Tourism, Diaspora Affairs, Anambra State, Mrs Sally Mbanefo danced approvingly well to different rhythms of the sophisticated instrument that africanised the atmosphere and identified with what the drum is to the people of ogun state. “This festival will be sustained because we will support them..We will give our support”, Mrs.Mbanefo said to Ms Iloaze dancing her way to  the Atilogwu dancers of Anambra.

Trending on, is the talk of tourism potentials being identified as unending but with those in the know of this realisation, coming up with different captions. The recent caption now is tourism is the new direction and this is credited to Edo state Commissioner for Arts, Culture,Tourism & Diaspora, Osaze Osemwegie-Ero. “Tourism in Nigeria should be the new direction trending for every economy or country”, Mr.Osemwegie-Ero said.

The final day ended with fireworks of beautiful colours that beautified the evening sky and this gave a good ending feeling to everyone. Cash prize was won by performers .

Ofadaboy, Tobi Fletcher whose father was the first to plant the ofada rice (which is why he proudly calls himself ofadaboy) was also at the African Drums Festival 2018 to support the event with entreprenuership aid ㅡ owing to his believe that as an entrepreneur he should support Nigeria even through food, he ensured the ADF 2018 had his ofada taste and with him was soured garri, fish, prawns and with Ayamase sauce for the ofada rice.

Here are pictures from the event.

Jubilee Chalets: Valid Destination Hotel — Aura of Excellence — Phenomenal Hospitality


Epe Resort and Spa: Feel the passion that lies in hospitality ― connect with nature


By Ayo Omotoso 

The taste of tourism is so verse that one cannot define it all in one million experiences but there is one aspect of taste that is integral to tourism and it is  hospitality ― knowing this and its impact to tourism, Epe Resorts & Spa EPS ensures you experience the peak of hospitality .   

TravelogueTV commenced its exploration of the MP Hotels with Epe Resort & Spa, in no time we where basking in the delights of hospitality like never before. The first thing that had us in captivation was the absolute calmness that exists chiefly and collaborates with the breeze that comes from the beautiful trees. Extremely comfortable rooms with an ambience that gives you the much-needed  feeling of relaxation and further interest your mind with the passion that lies in hospitality.
Picture-paintings beautify the walls which relates with the ambience that looms in the tourism-loving resort and flirts with your attention interestingly.
still basking in the peak of hospitality, the Sales and Marketing Manager , Abiola Dada took us to see the rooftop bar. “where you have a drink with nature”, he said.
Seeing the rooftop bar, TravelogueTV’s delectable presenter, Iloaze Blessed-Odidi, in amazement told Dada  that there are many things in life that makes words fail us in our quest to describe how we feel, not only love and I tell you that being here in this rooftop bar is most certainly one of them.
Iloaze Blessed-Odidi and Abiola Dada
“I feel so connected with nature” she said
At the rooftop bar, when you look up, directly above you is the sky, seeming so within reach and the breeze is blowing so refreshingly to make you further believe so. In front of you is a very beautiful sight of nature, more than the awe in awesome. So scenery, the experience of seeing it doesn’t leave you, it stays.
During TravelogueTV’s interview with Dada, he told Blessed-Odidi that Epe Resort & Spa is where tourism ends and that jumpstarted her curiousity a lot quicker than it should and having been to the rooftop bar she could not help but agree with him more.
Are you seeking/longing for that absolute quietness that brings about a calm needful to the state of mind? Epe Resort & Spa is closer than you think.
Traveloguetv brings you pictures from the resort of great class…